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Perch Jewelry

Perch is from local jewelry designer, John Tseng. The vision behind Perch was to create jewelry that is simple and everyday wearable. They transition well from casual to evening and can be layered with other jewelry to create a boho-chic elegance.

Every piece is hand crafted.

Style# PCH-N-Bella.
22" gold-filled and sterling silver mix necklace with 3/4" inch silver circle.

20" gold-filled necklace w/1" extension. Hand-hammered gold-filled circle (0.5") sits off to the center.

Danica 20" gold-filled necklace. Oval diamond-cut necklace with 2" segment of smaller twisted gold-filled chain with 0.5" hand-hammered gold-filled circle.

Style# PCH-N-Ella.
Ella 16" circle necklace. Sterling silver diamond-cut necklae and 0.5" hand-hammered circle.